The Presence Story

In 1996, Lisa McMillan designed her first handcrafted home-accent gift with glass candlestick holders from a dollar store, sheer ribbon found at a boutique, a little bit of wire, and some glass beads. She gave the gift she created to a family member who adored the new treasure. At that time, the single-mother of three small children, knew nothing about the handcrafted gift business, but she quickly realized that handmade creations were a good way to save money on gifts for family and friends.

Soon, people began paying her to create original pieces of functional art – mirrors, frames, vases, and bottles – and a fledgling business was born. Lisa eventually named her little side business “Presence,” inspired by a prayer of King David: “In his presence is fullness of joy.” (Psalm 16:11)

Over the years, Lisa’s whimsical, funky, home-accent creations have given way to inspired pieces of handcrafted jewelry, now the trademark of Presence. Every day, more and more women across the country are discovering Lisa’s unique jewelry designs, and are experiencing glimpses of that fullness of joy she has been given.

Through Presence, Lisa continues to share this inspiration with women of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions in the hope that they too, will find the happiness and joy that only comes from spending time in His presence.

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Artist Statement

As a self-taught jewelry artist, I have developed a signature style where I use a swirl design in each piece of jewelry I create - the "Surrounded" necklace, the "Presence Cross," the "Heart's Desire" necklace, "New Song", the "Swirl Christmas Tree" necklace & pin, the "Swirly Scarf Slide©" and a variety of earring designs.

To me the swirl represents the way life is a journey of discovery. Who we are on the outside spirals to the center toward the heart, to who we are on the inside. There we discover our desires for love, peace, family, and faith.

My jewelry designs say "notice my style and originality," while enhancing the individual and natural beauty of each woman who wears it. Each piece is bold, but not flashy - sometimes a little funky, and always interesting. My intention is for each piece to be versatile - necklaces worn casually on a smooth, leather-cord necklace, or more dressy on a silver chain. Presence jewelry designs are created to be worn for all occasions of life - with jeans and a t-shirt, business clothes, or dressier outfits - and most important, by any woman.

While I'm committed to using high quality materials in my work, I strive to create wearable art jewelry in a price range that will allow you to buy a piece for yourself and share one with a friend. My hope is that wearing a piece of Presence jewelry will be a subtle reminder of the beauty God gives us in this world - like silver, crystals, pearls, gemstones, semi-precious stones, and so much more - and the beauty that we as women display when we have the love, peace, and grace of His presence in our lives.

I hope you enjoy wearing Presence jewelry
as much as I enjoy creating it!